Hello, my name is Sean and welcome to my new blog! Firstly I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you’re interested enough to check out the posts to come in the future. A majority of my posts will be about human emotions and my experiences with them. I’m also going to talk a lot about positive thinking, success, love, how we perceive the world, why we make the decisions that we do and loads more! This blog is about people, for people, so if you have any ideas you want to discuss, whether they’re mine or your own then please get in touch via the Contact button! I’d love to hear from you.

Brief background of my life to date.

I’m currently 23 Years old and I was born near a small town called Caernarfon in North Wales UK. I left Wales at age 3 and moved to Colchester in Essex. At age 7 I moved to New Zealand with my mum and spent the next 14 years living in Southland which if you haven’t guessed is located in the south island – right near the bottom. Mum and I also spent a lot of time travelling the world and experiencing different cultures. I’m also pretty sure I got dragged on every bush walk from here to Timbuktu, but needless to say there’s nothing I’d want in place of all of those adventures, even if I didn’t appreciate them then as much as I do now.

At 19 I left New Zealand to move back to the UK where I would meet the love of my life (whom I am currently travelling the world with and will eventually marry when we get around to it!). I moved back with the intention of ‘following my dreams’ or something like that. As it turns out, what I was actually doing was discovering which of my problems were mine and which belonged to other people. Regrettably I learnt that most of my problems were in fact my own…surprise surprise. This was a much needed wake-up call let me tell you. I can say with confidence, however, that despite my belief that the grass was greener on the other side, the watering can I needed to make my lawn (that is my emotional situation) flourish was waiting for me there. I just needed to work out how to use the damn thing. I can tell you that this was definitely harder than selling all of my stuff, buying a plane ticket and moving back to the other side of the world with only a backpack. Why? Well I could have had the same life that I had in New Zealand and very little would have changed like I wanted it to. Like I needed it to. I had to make the changes within myself.

I’ve always had a lot to say and I’ve often not had the courage to speak my mind. There’s many reasons for this but the most relevant is my lack of confidence to do so. These last few years have taught me that it’s unacceptable to be anything other than myself. Not just any version of myself, but a good one, a me that I can look at when I’m older and be damn proud of, because in the long run, it really is worth putting in the effort.

My primary focus is human emotions because I believe they are what drive everything we say or do and I’d really like to share those thoughts with the world so my ideas can be considered, discussed and maybe even put into action if they merit it. At the end of the day if but one person in the world can read and benefit from my words then I feel that I’ve achieved what I set out to do. To make a positive difference in someones life.

My Vision.

So now you know a bit about me, here is what I propose.

I believe in a people-focussed world where kindness isn’t met with surprise and unease. A world where everyone has a life that they really want. A world where people who need help are actually receiving it, where people with great ideas are actually being listened to – no matter how old they are or what they do for a living. A world where love is not a game where the losers get hurt, but a pursuit of an emotional state so wild and wonderful it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. A world where a politician is respected just as much as a cleaner, where it doesn’t matter what you look like or how you dress; you’re respected for who you are, not what you, your friends or the rest of society has labeled you to be.

Times are changing. Technological advances are happening faster than ever before. Society is evolving and so is the very way we view the world but I think sometimes we’re missing the point. Much like I could have done when I made a huge change in my own life. I think we’re choosing to change what’s on the surface but often completely ignoring what’s underneath.

So what do I mean by all of this? I think you’ll get the idea when you read my blog. It’s all in the title really. Give a little; to yourself and to others. Be kind and don’t be afraid of yourself or your feelings! Get a life! We’re all here, perhaps just for the one time, but so many of us seem to think it’s not worth giving everything we have to make something of it.

Give a little – Get a life!

Love from Sean.